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Floorboards of Faith

Looking back over our time together in Church MKE, we realized how important it was to have each other to walk through and work through questions that we had regarding our church experiences, theological assumptions that were made around us, and other challenging subjects that were shaking or concerning. The process still continues for us, but we have found that we have learned how to work through that process better because of each other. And frankly, we know that there are many, many others who have not had that experience.

Deconstruction is the buzzword that is probably most often tied to anything that would be viewed as challenging one’s faith experience and understanding. It’s become a somewhat loaded term, although we have found that normalizing wrestling with your faith is more likely to deepen your faith experience than lessen it. And given how rarely Jesus answered even the most direct questions (at least as recorded in the Gospels), it seems that wrestling with questions rather than collecting answers to file away on the shelf might be a truer way to engage Christ’s teachings. Maybe.

All that to say, maybe you have questions that you’d really like to share out loud with others that might be considered “get kicked out of church” questions, as one of our people likes to say. Maybe you don’t even know what to ask, but would like to hear what questions others have so that you can have some solid ground to think through important faith matters. We try to have that experience in our uncommon approach to Sunday services and everything else we do together, but that’s not necessarily for you. So, our thought on putting up listening and sharing sessions – which we’re calling Floorbaords of Faith – might be a way for us to create a time for you to engage with others in your journey and theirs.

Our first Floorboards of Faith session will be . . .