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Each of our Sunday gatherings includes a reading from the Gospels. We also draw from other parts of Scripture and sometimes resources from the early Church. We do not subscribe to a specific “theological school,” which we know can be frustrating to some. But we have chosen to have more confidence in direct interaction with Jesus’ teaching and learning from those who walked with Him and the Apostles than later teachers. Certainly, there are insights and truth that can be gathered from more recent theologians and church traditions and those are often points of discussion. However, we believe that there are consequences when we stray from what Jesus modeled and taught and that some of those consequences have become more apparent to those inside and outside the Church in more recent days.

Although we are intentional about focusing on the Gospels, we also know that we will not fully understand them without exploring the Tanakh (the cannon of the Hebrew scriptures), other Jewish writings and teachings, and the fuller context of the First Century in Judea and the Roman world.  That has led us to sponsor the BEMA Milwaukee discussion group as well as to explore the practice of the Jewish faith to read through the text of the Torah annually and corresponding readings from the prophets and writings (the Haftorah) along with our Gospel readings.  If that interests you, you are welcome to follow along with our reading schedules which you can find by clicking here.

If you would like to gather with us on Sundays or for our BEMA Milwaukee discussions, please click below for more information or contact us at

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