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Seek Jesus, Not Answers

A frequent phrase that comes up in our gatherings is our desire to “Seek Jesus, Not Answers.” If you are considering joining us or are new to our community, you may wonder what we mean by that.  And we also understand that the phrase may easily be misinterpreted as “not valuing truth.”  So let us share our thoughts on what Seeking Jesus, Not Answers means to us:

  • We want to practice humility in our ability to discern what God’s truth and will with respect to theological matters. Humans consistently err when it comes to these matters, and when they do there are often people wounded by the mistakes.
  • In reviewing the stories in the Gospels, we see Jesus approaching people very differently and very individually. While you can see a consistent compassion and grace for those willing to love God and love others and a consistent frustration with those lacking love, compassion and grace for others, Jesus did not have a single formula for how to follow Him.  The rich young ruler was told to sell everything.  Some He healed and sent home.  Some were challenged to drop everything and follow Him then and there. And one was simply forgiven when apparently caught in the sin of adultery.
  • Seeking answers can over-emphasize thinking right over following well.  When you consider a church community to be a part of, do you look to see if their statement of beliefs lines up with yours?  Or do you look to see if they are following Jesus well?  Which is more important?
  • You might find yourself over emphasizing a particular theological point or doctrinal position if the answer becomes more important than following Jesus.  And what if it turns out you were wrong?

We trust that pursuing Jesus — regardless of what the answers to any particular question might be, and regardless of whatever He may want for or from you — will be the right approach at least more often than not.  Then again, maybe we’re wrong.

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